Top 5 Amazing Google Analytics Features You Should Know

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Analytics is the precise computational report of data or statistics. Combining this with the smart properties of Google Marketing, you get an incredible tool that not only offers some of the most insightful business aspects but above all; it is a freemium service.

Working with the team of digital marketers at Hire Developer, we have to dig through each clients’ Google Analytics profile. That study instantly made us realize just how powerful Google Analytics aspires to be. That’s why we have decided to put out the 5 most astounding Google Analytics features every big and small business owner should learn about.

Real-Time Reporting

Among various major updates over the years, the Real-Time Reporting feature has been glazed in almost every sector of 2020 Google Analytics. You can now not only examine the past viewing records of your website, but also the current viewing status. Along with this, you can also check your audience report and how the current active viewers are interacting with your website.

Content Ranking

A person who is even remotely familiar with SEO knows that the content has always ruled the online marketing. Google Analytics offers an array of tactics to make it easy for you to give a push to the content your audience is looking towards. Just click on the Behaviour section, pick the Site Content, then All Pages to view a list of site pages ranked by popularity. You can further sort the list over time spent or view counts.

Custom Dashboards

Want to create custom metrics, timelines, or even a pie chart? Everything’s possible with slick widgets that come loaded under the dashboard. You can run up to 20 dashboards at a time with 12 widgets that you can accompany with specific properties. For people who don’t fancy playing around, there’s an option to import customized dashboard examples that you can integrate within your Google Analytics account.

Multi-Source Funnels

Probing your conversion rates can thoroughly improve the customer encounters that lead them to your landing pages. Google Analytics funnels track a user’s journey from start to finish and lets you optimize pages by giving you a better judgment of user behaviors. By examining funnels from various channels, you can track the sources that attract your user group and what makes them drop out of your website.

Instant Alerts

There is nearly every kind of alert you can arrange to stay aware of any specific course that your website is undergoing. Whether it’s an unusual number of 404 errors or your bounce rate reaches above 50%, you can plan them with convenience in Google Analytics. You can also have Automatic Alerts for metrics that you can receive on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and a teammate followed on the alerts.

Start Analyzing Your Business!

When you carry such a powerful tool like Google Analytics, you may get overwhelmed by the number of operations that remain to be performed. Our digital marketing team at Hire Developer suggests learning each functionality of Google Analytics with a slow and constant approach. Or you can simply give your business targets to the digital marketers at Hire Developer to skip the hassle and let the experts handle your business accounts with utmost diligence.

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