Top 3 Free Tools A PPC Service Provider Company Needs To Know About!

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Free is amazing, particularly when that “free” thing is generating traffic, revenue, rank, etc. Fortunately, there are a huge amount of free tools in the PPC world. 

Here are the three free PPC tools every PPC service provider company needs to use!

#1 Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a beast when it comes to curating search-centric data for your PPC campaigns. A PPC service provider company can generate high-quality detailed reports on web traffic, site visitors, etc. along with search ranking dynamics of any major search hotspot like Dubai, London, Sydney, etc. to create a robust campaign framework.    

#2 Google Search Console

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If Google Analytics is the air marketer’s breath, then Google Search Console is the food. With GSC you get constant insight into your website & how its multiple campaigns are performing to give you a holistic understanding of your growth. 

#3 MozBar

ppc service provider company dubaiIn the PPC world knowledge is everything, and that is what MozBar gives you! In a single click, you get instant web-analysis reports of any website on the internet. Now a PPC service provider company is no longer in the dark, be it keywords or traffic generations, all metrics are at your disposal!  

In Conclusion

Equipped with these top three tools, a marketer is unstoppable in his/her journey of creating successful PPC campaigns!

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