FREE Google Tools A Digital Marketing Company Must Use!

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Google is an absolute powerhouse, if a digital marketing company wants to win they need Google! Hence after conducting thorough research into the matter, here we have a comprehensive list of FREE Google Tools a marketer needs to use!

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#1 Google Trends

Google Trends is an amazing website by Google that digital marketing companies cannot ignore. It examines the popularity or demand of top search queries in Google Search over different languages and regions. The website works with graphs to examine the search amount of various inquiries over the period.

#2 Data Studio

This is an advanced tool for people who want to merge data from different sources. For example, the SEO data of Dubai and New York tell you two different stories. Hence, Google Data Studio enables you to merge tasks, dashboards, analytics,  etc. into one unified console.

#3 Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations

How do you analyze factors impacting your SEO that you can’t see? With Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations, a digital marketing company can overlay data in conjunction with your analytics to get a more holistic understanding of your search ranking and online presence.

#4 Search Console

The one-stop solution for everything SEO is the Search Console. GSC gives you reliable location data, search rankings, website crawling data, keyword analysis, and more! A single marketer with GSC can run campaigns in far-off cities like Dubai, Sydney, Amsterdam, etc.

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